UIB Update

Thanks to a little hint of someone at MS, we now know that the current UIB version is 0.5, which means that we now know the meaning of all used fields 🙂 The only command we don’t know yet is one that saves a value somewhere that, according to our research, isn’t ever used again. Luckily, none of the UIB files in messenger seem to be using that command, so we don’t really care 😉

On a related note, my current UIB parser can currently handle almost all resids in messenger, with the exception of two files using rcbmp (I still have to implement that), and a bunch of resids that are corrupt (but those are not used in messenger anyway, so who cares ;)?). After this I’m going to write some kind of library that allows patchers to load the UIB as an in-memory representation of the user-interface, apply patches to it, and then write back to UIB. Hopefully that will get both A-patch and MessPatch up to speed with the new messenger. After that I plan to write a bunch of other UIB tools, and at some point Steve and I still intend to document the UIB format fully and release it to the public.

But for now: Let’s just celebrate that we know all the fields 😉

One thought on “UIB Update”

  1. Heya! ;D

    just wondering if theres a date for any release, i’m a bit curious about the UIB format & all these stuff.

    Thank you in advance 😉

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