JavaScript madness

There’s quite a lot of people out there that absolutely hate JavaScript or ECMAScript, mostly because the different DOM/DHTML implementations in browsers are often incompatible. Yet it appears there are also people out there that love the dynamic nature of the language itself, and I think I’m becoming one of them. To me it’s a language that allows you to hack small things together relatively easy (when writing some exercises that were supposed to be written in pseudo code in JS a professor noted that it resembled pseudo-code really closely, and I should recommend it to the lecturer), whereas you’re also able to write bigger projects by leveraging the OO capabilities.
Anyway, enough about that, ever since I started using Google’s V8 engine in LiveScratcher for the scripting I’ve been experimenting with JS, and after having done some Data structures exercises with it, I started getting passionate about implementing some data structures in JavaScript. I’ve currently written a Heap (with a PriorityQueue using it), and have just finished an AVLTree implementation (which I will use for a map), and will probably move on to implement all structures from my book 🙂 I’m not sure if I’ll ever release this into the wild, or if it’s even worth releasing into the wild, but I’m pretty proud of it so far, and it forces me to learn more about the data structures involved, as well as keeps my JS skills up to par.

On a different note: I’ve set up a website for LiveScratcher with a wiki and an installer for an alpha version. Check it out at

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