Disappointing discoveries

Normally it’s pretty cool to find new APIs in Messenger. Imagine my excitement when I found a new interface named “IMSNMessengerConversationWnd2” that seemed to inherit from the already known IMSNMessengerConversationWnd interface. Two new functions appeared to have been added. Hurrah!

So I spent 3 hours of my time debugging and testing these new functions. Turns out they’re not nearly as exciting as I had hoped:

	  helpstring("MSN Messenger Conversation Window Interface Ex"),
	interface IMSNMessengerConversationWnd2 : IMSNMessengerConversationWnd {
		[id(0x0000080c), propget, helpstring("Get the window text.")]
		HRESULT WindowTitle([out, retval] BSTR* bstrWindowTitle);
		[id(0x0000080c), propput, helpstring("Set the window text.")]
		HRESULT WindowTitle([in] BSTR bstrWindowTitle);

I’ve tested this in Vista, it gets and sets the window titlebar. As Vista doesn’t use the borderless-windows that WLM9 uses on XP, I’m not sure if it works on that, but I suspect that this interface has been specially generated for precisely that.

Well, either way, have fun with it. Sure hope my time has been useful for someone :p

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