If you’re reading this, chances are that you probably already know me. However, for the occasional passer-by that came in through google, here’s a quick introduction.

As of writing this, I am a 21 year old computer programmer. Still busy with my Computer Science study at Utrecht University, although currently I am having a small (5 months) break from my studies and am working for a Parisian company called “Iminent“.

As my study has probably already suggested, I have a passion for programming, and am especially challenged by algorithmic contests like the NWERC (and all related contests like the UKP, BAPC). I also have a deep passion for finding out “how things work”, and as thoroughly enjoy the act of reverse engineering.

Of all the progamming languages I know, I enjoy working in C++ and x86 Assembly the most.

Currently my best known work is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger named StuffPlug, that targets it’s (what I experience as) shortcomings and glitches, and apparently even today it’s downloaded several thousand times per day. Apart from that, I also enjoy working on numerous smaller projects, but they’re too many to all list here.

This blog will be a place for me to share technical stories, challenges, examples, or anything else technical I feel should be public. Oh, and the occasional rambling, probably.

If there is anything I failed to mention in this introductory post, please let me know through a comment. At this time I have comments restricted to registered users to prevent comment-spam, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to register at all. In the future I might opt for guest-posting with a filter to comment-spam…